Thursday, July 28, 2011

MPR - Intro - Thursday 07/28/11

Hello, my fellow Mets fans, here's the opening segment to last night's broadcast...

I have a lot to get to tonight, the Mets are back in business, they have relieved themselves of the elephant in the room, which was Carlos Beltran, he is now, a San Francisco Giant, other than Seattle, Beltran is farthest from the Mets...if Willie Harris’ goal rings true, the Mets will meet Beltran in the post season, (who knows?)

Sandy Alderson has assured Mets fans that barring something extraordinary, he will keep the club intact and in his words, “he likes the group that he has and he has a lot of confidence in them." (and why not?)

By sweeping the Reds, the Mets have forced their way back into the conversation for a possible NL Wild Card spot.

Now, quickly looking back to July 19th...

Since July 19th, a Tuesday, the return of Reyes to the ball club, the Mets have won 7 of 10 and since July 22nd, a Friday, the return of David Wright, (seven games ago) the Mets have won 5 of those 7 games.

...and in that time, including today’s 10-9 win, Wright has gone 15-for-33 (.455 BA) with 6 multi-hit games, he’s only played in seven games, six multi-hit games to go along with 2 HRS, 12 RBI (4 of those RBIs coming on Wed. night)– here’s the unbelievable stat, 3 SOs, 3 SOs in 33 ABs

But before I get into more Mets talk and I do want to touch on how well the offense has been playing, another 10 runs today on 14 hits, and I do want to speak about when Mets fans can expect Johan Santana back on the mound pitching in a Mets uniform.


You heard Wright’s numbers, off the charts...

how about Daniel Murphy, with a four-hit day on Wednesday night to complement Wright, it was Murphy’s first career four-hit game, for the Reds series he went 10-for-17 (.588), can you believe that, 4 doubles (his 28th double of the season, he had 38 doubles last season)

Murphy’s average is now up to .319 and today [Thursday] he went 1-for-3 w/3 runs scored , a stolen base, and two walks.

The Mets will have a tough time finding a place for him to play with Ike Davis having cemented himself at first base, assuming he comes back by next Spring.

And the Mets also like Justin Turner...but Murphy is not just a guy taking advantage of his playing time, this is a major league ball player...

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