Friday, August 5, 2011

Latino Night - Mets vs. Braves

Jose Reyes swings at the first pitch vs. Tim Hudson, BOT 1st, 0-0, Murphy hit a 2-out single....Ike Davis season may be over...David Wright clubs a 2B off the CF wall, Murphy scores, 1-0 Mets...TOP 2nd, Dickey looks good...Uggla, 0-for-1

Just realized that RHP Tim Hudson is batting 8th for the Braves with Jose Constanza batting 9th, Braves now lead 2-1 in the BOT of the 2nd, "Los Mets" uniforms were at first a good idea, although with the the score now, 2-1, not so grand...

BOT 4th, Mets strand 3 runners, Lucas Duda gets hit on first pitch, Bay executes a ground-rule 2B, a shame because Pagan would have easily scored with the tying run...

Uggla strikes out, 0-for-3, 25-game hitting streak in jeopardy, Dickey with 5 SO thus far, 5.1 IP...gets out of the inning w/RISP, BOT 6th...

With one out, David Wright called safe on a botched routine grounder to short from Freddie Freeman, error, dropped the ball, nothing comes of it as Jason Bay is caught looking with the final out

Ron Darling, "if I'm R.A. Dickey, cannot led up another run...don't want to have to deal with that Atlanta bullpen, for more on ATL BP (link)

BOT 7th, Reyes pops up to end the inning, Dickey out of the game with the possibility of his tenth loss of the season?

Wright makes a head's up play tagging Constanza in a run-down trying to score from third, Uggla up for the 4th time, unsuccessful thus far, may be the at-bat of the game, Igarashi on the mound, Uggla extends his hitting streak, two runs score, Braves up, 4-1...Gary Cohen, "the Mets go after hot-hitting Uggla"

Very realistic at this stage of the game that the Mets could be on the verge of losing five in a row and slip nine games behind the Braves and light years beyond the Phillies.

Mets rally with runners on first and second, 1 out, Pagan flies out on the first pitch he sees vs. Johnny Venters, Jason Bay grounds out to second with the second pitch he sees, TOP 9th

If the Astros were in the NL East, they would be 35 games behind Philadelphia.

"Hairston down swinging and the ball game is over"

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