Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mets Look to Turn the Page on Beltran

Kerel Cooper of On The posted video of San Francisco pitching prospect, Zack Wheeler, who coincidentally is the player named in the pending Carlos Beltran trade.

Here was my response:

Haha! Are you trying to rub it into Beltran's face with this video post?

On a serious note, I had to undergo some Met therapy the last few days and finally came to grips with him leaving...I championed for him to go to the Giants last Thursday night, so Mets fans wouldn't have to see him compete against them. I even accepted the Braves, but not the Phils...imagine playing the Phillies and having to watch Beltran slug a HR at Citizens' Bank, not sure if I'm ready for that...Wright's been good at the plate. LGM!

After Kerel confirmed that he wasn't taking jabs at Beltran, I replied with...

for the record, it was this past Monday night that I felt that the Giants would be a good fit for Beltran...actually, the one thing I noticed when I was checking out his career numbers was that his speed dropped when he came to the Mets, he was stealing 40 bases with the Royals and when he signed with the Mets, half that?? He was hurt while with the Mets as well, and the no arbitration clause in his contract made him a no-brainer to be traded this season, Alderson wasn't even able to obtain some draft picks if another team signed him in the off-season.

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