Sunday, May 1, 2011

Has Pelfrey Filled The Void Left By Perez?

Ed Ryan of Mets Fever posed the possibility albeit after witnessing Mike Pelfrey’s latest performance on Friday night in Philadelphia that he may be looked upon as the next Ollie Perez.

Here was my response:

In defense of Pelfrey, Collins still hasn't learned that the best way to avoid the big hit is to not pitch to a team's biggest RBI threat. Pelfrey was pitching fine until Ryan Howard hit that HR into the upper deck on Friday night.

Again, Collins continues to take risks with the opposing team's best RBI would think that he would've learned his lesson during the Colorado series pitching to Tulo.

As for Pelfrey becoming the next Ollie, I feel that Mets fans, as sick as this may sound, are experiencing a void left by the departed Perez.

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