Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In A Loss, Mets Fans Look for Something Positive

I know it's devastating when your team climbs all the way back from a 7-0 deficit to tie the game at seven and then loses the game, 10-7. However, there were a few positives that came out of this one.

Mets hitters continue to put up crooked numbers. Their closer, Francisco Rodriguez got some work in, and again the Mets showed some resiliency by not giving up and not backing down against their NL East rival on the road, the Philadelphia Phillies.

I know what you're saying, they have to face the ultimate ace in Roy Halladay tom'row afternoon before their home opener at Citi Field on Friday. Which means they lost the series before Halladay throws the first pitch.

However, if you can show some signs of positive life which the Mets did. It does make for an easier situation when your starter, Mike Pelfrey, gets knocked out of the game in the 3rd inning without recording an out. Pelfrey surrendered 8 hits, seven runs, 6 of them earned bumping his ERA after two starts to 15.63. Sorry folks, I had to do it, I dropped Pelfrey from my fantasy baseball team.

Hopefully, Pelfrey gets his act together and/or Jon Niese one-ups Halladay on Thursday and the Mets go home happy. Either way, it's still early and anything can happen.

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