Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Cold, the Mets Lost, Let's Start Booing

I know we've all heard the expression, "it's easy to complain." As Mets fans, it's in our blood, unfortunately, and yesterday's home opener was just another opportunity for the Mets faithful to grunt and groan, "the Wilpons are terrible owners, they lied about yesterday's game being a sellout, just another miserable season to look forward to."

I'll admit, your favorite team should be able to produce a victory on their home opener, but if that outcome does not materialize, should fans revert to booing.

In the immortal words of Leo Durocher, "if my mother was rounding third in an attempt to score, I'd raise hell so she would never make it to home plate" or something to that effect. Is this what Mets fans have become, grumpy old men or women, who will stop at nothing just to see their team win!! I'm sure Mike Pelfrey's mother wasn't very happy with the reception his son received by Mets fans yesterday.

Perhaps if the sun was shining and fans were drinking more beer than coffee, the lost to the Nationals wouldn't have stung as much.

I wasn't upset, I was happy to see Citi Field back in business and best of all, I now have a Mr. Met Bobble Head. I guess I'm one of those simple-minded Mets fans who just wants to watch a baseball game and is not overly concerned with who's on the field.

By the way, Reyes has a 6-game hitting streak.

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