Sunday, April 14, 2013

Matt Harvey Deserves A Nickname

With all the comparisons of late that Matt Harvey has the mental make-up and talent to become the next Tom Seaver, Mets fans are beginning to wonder if perhaps their current young hard-throwing right-hander is ready for a nickname. Tom Seaver earned himself two nicknames throughout his Hall-of-Fame-career: "The Franchise" and "Tom Terrific". Another dominating Mets right-hander, Dwight Gooden, eventually was known simply as "Doc" or "Dr. K."

There have been many others, popular Mets pitchers, who adopted creative monikers that stuck. David Cone was referred to as "Coney" and Sid Fernandez earned the right to be called "El Sid". There was "El Duque" for the age-less Orlando Hernandez and "Kooz" for Jerry Koosman, who without a doubt was part of that one-two punch along with Seaver of those late-sixties, early-seventies Mets teams.

Francisco Rodriguez enjoyed a hyphenated alias as "K-Rod" and the originator of "Ya Gotta Believe," Tug McGraw, was known to fellow teammates simply as just "Tug,"- how he arrived at that nickname is another story altogether.

There were also others like John Candelaria who started just three games for the Mets back in 1988, having acquired the nickname "The Candy Man," and Frank Viola, who enjoyed some success as a member of the Mets as well as one of the more clever nicknames with "Sweet Music." For the more contemporary New York Mets fan, there's "Big Game Ollie" for the enigmatic left-hander Oliver Perez and "Big Pelf" for 6'7" Mike Pelfrey.

So I ask you, what nickname would you give to Harvey? I have already toyed with, "Matt the Magnificent." Not bad? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Not bad, mine sounded a bit like something out of the Gladiator movie

  2. Here are some
    THe Good D.A./District Attonrey after Dark Knight charecter Harvey Dent
    Heatflame Harv

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