Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bobby Abreu, the Ike Davis Trade, and A Camel's Broken Back

Bobby Abreu? Was he really the stick that broke the camel’s back on the Ike Davis trade? A trade that according to Mets GM Sandy Alderson had been in the works for the last eight months. Not this latest trade, specifically, between the Pittsburgh Pirates. But the idea of trading the former Mets first rounder, who was not only a helluva guy in the Mets clubhouse but a player you rooted for through thick and thin.

Listening to Alderson speak to reporters last Friday night after the trade between the Pirates had been officially consummated, it made you feel comfort in the fact that Lucas Duda is very similar to Ike Davis (with the exception of having your father as a former major leaguer, of course!). Also, Duda has a better chance of hitting left-handed pitching, and oh yeah, Bobby Abreu is, ahem, waiting in the wings. I mean, c'mon, doesn't it all make sense. Dave Hudgens, whom Abreu played under during Hudgens' tenure as manager of Caracas in the Venezuelan winter league, can vouch for the 40-year-old.

Doesn't it feel like sometimes the Mets front office genuinely cares about the fans best interest and sometimes the Mets front office doesn't genuinely care about the fans best interest? Wait, whaa?

Who wanted Curtis Granderson? The fans? If you ask WFAN's Mike Francesa, he'll say that he's slightly responsible for the Mets going all in on the power-hitting former Yankee, former Tiger outfielder. We can definitely pinpoint who wanted to sign Chris Young. What am I getting at here?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Sandy Alderson and his company of lieutenants may have gotten more than bargained for by taking over the Mets back in 2010. For the last four seasons, nothing has really changed. The pitching has stayed steady, the offense has floundered, and hell, Terry Collins is still the Mets skipper. Not to mention that Alderson's moves have left you confused and scratching your head. What ever happened to Vic Black? You know, one of the guys the Mets acquired in the Marlon Byrd trade. Oh yeah, he's in AAA Las Vegas. I'll admit, Zack Wheeler for Carlos Beltran so far looks promising.

But if Ike Davis follows in the foot steps of Atlanta's Freddie Freeman for the next four or five weeks and Bobby Abreu pulls his groin running out a ground ball, one would have to wonder who's running the controls over there in Flushing, a savior or just a camel who's just broken his back.    


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