Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just Another Loss That Could've Been Averted

On last night's 4-1 loss to the Giants....

It seems as if the Mets defense falters at inopportune times and I have to say that it's right up there with their shaky BP...last night's lineup w/Turner at third and no DWright, VSpin leading off (keep Tejada in the top spot! stop shuffling around your lineup!)...this is why I'm still not sold on Collins (plus, not sure of inning, VSpin on first no outs, Mets down 2-1, have Tejada bunt him over, instead, let's him hit, DP)

Also, why does Collins choose last night's game to give Wright a day off, the Mets were gaining some momentum with the two wins, plus you have Harvey out there who's still green. I would think it would be beneficial to have your marquee guy in Wright out there...plenty of time to rest in the off-season

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