Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't Think Chris Young Is the Answer

The Mets lost last night, 6-3, pushing them further and further from a possible post-season berth. However, if Dickey is able to get back on track on Sunday and earn his 14th victory of the season, the Mets can at least be happy with themselves for gaining a split of the four-game series with the D-Backs.

Below is a comment that I left on Mets Today which is in reference to Saturday's 14th loss in 16 games for the Mets.

Don't forget Tejada's web gem nominee in foul territory, when he had to avoid a lounging DWright to make a nice sliding catch...tonight's game was entertaining even though it ended with a loss...I agree with you on Young, maybe it's me, but I'm not getting it, I know he just came off of major shoulder surgery but he looks incomplete out on the mound and why would a ball club continue to send him out there every fifth day in that state, the Mets need wins not reclamation projects...maybe it's Alderson's way of feeling nostalgic, for his time on the West coast, particularly when he was with the Padres organization, help me on this, they release Batista without a care in the world, why not do the same with regards to Chris Young?

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