Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goal for Mets Should Be to Finish Strong

Update: Saturday and Sunday's matchups against the Braves have been post-poned due to the strong possibility of Hurricane Irene affecting the NYC Metro area

Intro - MPR - 08/25/11

Hello, my fellow Mets fans...

The Mets will be opening up a weekend series against one of their long-time hated rivals, the Atlanta Braves, at Cit Field. Chris Capuano will take the mound for the Mets on Friday night opposite Tim Hudson which should make for an interesting ball game.

The Mets are coming off of a series-salvaged-win against the Phillies on Wednesday, but before we get into the latest surrounding the NY Mets, I just want to let you guys and gals know that this podcast will be taking its usual end of the summer break. Meaning, tonight will be the last podcast until Sept 15th which is a Thursday night. I do have a guest scheduled for that show, so I will leave it at that.

On Monday night’s podcast we had a caller, Buck, who stated that he was sick of the “ifs” year-in-and-year-out surrounding this Mets club.

Rich and I established that some of the Mets, notably, Mike Pelfrey and Angel Pagan had actually taken a step back this season.

So to continue with this topic I will take the flipside of this argument and ask Met fans who they feel has actually blossomed this season or taken a step forward. Aside from Reyes and Murphy, who would you say has made a considerable impact this season, Justin Turner? Dillon Gee?

To listen to the rest of Thursday night's podcast, CLICK HERE!

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