Sunday, June 12, 2011

As Bay Goes, So Go the Mets

Underneath it all, those who are following the Mets these days have been waiting and waiting a very long time for the franchise's last big free-agent signing, Jason Bay, to get going.

I know, Jose Reyes, has always been relegated to the role of little engine that could. However, for the last few road games, if Jason Bay is sitting on the bench, swinging at a third strike, grounding into a double-play, seeing a sports psychologist, whatever the task may be, taking Bay's temperature prior to the game has been in the equation.

If you had to ask me, I'd say that Jason Bay needs to hire his own P.R. department. To help him defend his thought process of each at-bat and understand the stammer of his mechanics. Bay was pleased when he was told that his Vancouver Canucks were closing in on a Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, his bat speed cannot share the same sentiment.

If what you've just read makes no sense, what I'm attempting to get at is that if and when Jason Bay starts producing, then the Mets will be able to get rid of this monkey on their back.

Until then, the team will continue to have to pick up the slack for a slumping Bay.

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