Friday, May 20, 2011

NYC Braces For the Subway Series

I spotted a couple of Mets fans darting into the F, M, B, D stop on 6th and 40th earlier today. They both were headed to Yankee Stadium, I would imagine, to watch tonight's game. With them long gone, I thought to myself how fun NYC becomes when the Mets and Yankees square off in their customary home-and-away duel to win the right for local supremacy.

With the start of another Subway Series, life in the Big City becomes a little more tolerable. The smell of bad odors seem to be whisked away, the loose cannons who share your commute home for the weekend seem somewhat charming. I don't know what it is about playing the Yankees. Who know's? Maybe having the Mets play their cross-town rival is not such a good thing. Looking at it with a bitter pill, I feel that perhaps it exposes the inferiority of the Mets more so than when they are scheduled to play only those in their respective league.

The Yankees, with their obnoxious payroll, have been under the microscope as of late. And the Mets haven't...only if you count a billion dollar lawsuit that continues to hover above the franchise's head. Enjoy the game!

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