Thursday, March 3, 2011

Could This Year Be Bay's Next Stand?

Recently, WFAN’s Joe Beningo professed on his mid-morning radio show here in New York that Jason Bay would have a better season in 2011. “If anything, he would have a better season by accident” is what Beningo said. Unlike last year, where Bay was unfortunately an “accident” waiting to happen, Mets fans should expect better from him this year.

Jason Raymond Bay, OF (2003-2010) 8 seasons

2004-2009 (6 seasons, 4 ½ PIT, 1 ½ BOS) 149 games per season, 162 in 2005, in that span, Bay averaged 30 home runs, 99 runs batted in, 94 runs, 23 doubles, .279 BA, he put up what you would consider solid numbers, consistent numbers.

Bay’s rookie season, as a Pirate in 2004, he was awarded the NL ROY, 120 games, 116 hits/411 at-bats, 26 HRs, 82 RBIs, 24 doubles, 4 triples, you get the picture, it was a very convincing rookie year.

When choosing his most productive season offensively, you have to think 2005 when Bay played in all 162 regular season games for Pittsburgh. He batted .306, drove in 101 runs, slammed 32 homers, and stole 21 bases. The more I look at it, I'm confident that Bay’s 2005 season was his best thus far.

Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me at baseball

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