Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Albert Pujols Is On Another Planet

With some of you Mets bloggers clogging the NYM blogosphere with candy-coded dreams of Albert Pujols perched atop first base for the remainder of his career with the Mets, here’s some stats to chew on.

Albert Pujols, STL 2001-2010, (10 full seasons) all in the National League and all as a Cardinal. At age 20, his first year in the majors, Pujols batted .329 with 37 home runs, 130 runs batted in, and 47 doubles in 161 games which earned him ROY.

For the next nine seasons, Pujols averaged 41 HRs, 122 RBIs, 42 doubles which seems to be his strong suit. He led the NL in total bases, four times, highlighted by 394 in 2003. He currently has a career batting average of .331.

It’s hard to choose his best season. Looking at 2003, Pujols finished with a .359 BA thanks in part to 212 hits, 51 of those hits being doubles, 43 HRs, 124 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.106, the second highest of his career.

If you average out his three MVP seasons of 2005, 2008-09, this is what you get: .338 BA, 123 RBIs, 118 runs scored, 42 HRs , and an OPS of 1.085 which is par for the course when you’re comparing Pujols’ overall numbers.

His career on-base percentage is unbelievable, .426, which will only get better assuming his career stays pretty much the same. Pujols finished his last three seasons in total walks with 104, 115, and 103, respectively, a far cry from his rookie season (69) when he struck out more than he walked, that hasn't happened since.

Pujols is a nine-time NL All-Star and his yearly base salary has gone from $200K in 2001 all the way up to $14.595 million last season.

For more salivating statistics, check out baseball reference.com.

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