Saturday, November 27, 2010

Collins Has My Vote, For Now

The Mets announced this past Tuesday at a press conference at Citi Field that Terry Collins, their former minor league field coordinator, will become the franchise’s 20th Mets manager.

Collins has been received with mixed reviews, some like his passion for the game, his eagerness to discipline his players, others have felt that his fiery intense demeanor could clash with some of the Mets players and of course, the NY media.

Asked about one Met player in particular, one that has been rumored of late, as a player who is by no means untouchable, Jose Reyes. Collins stated that he would not hesitate in making sure his players got the message of playing the game the right way.

The new Mets manager has been viewed as a person with a checkered past, in 2002, he was charged with a D.U.I, his major league managerial experiences include the Houston Astros and most notably, the Anaheim Angels, in which a very distraught Collins, voluntarily resigned amid a divided clubhouse.

Collins also left prematurely while managing in Japan, where he felt ownership was not taking his recommendations very seriously. Collins felt very strongly that younger players were beneficial for success than older players.

However, Collins does look like a fresh new start for the Mets, and will be, if anything, a confidence boost for a Mets team in need of one.

There is no doubt that Terry Collins loves baseball, he took a managing job for the China national team for Christ’s sake...I do feel perhaps that Collins may be a quitter and there is no doubt that Collins is a live wire who is not fit for this town. In my opinion, he’ll have to prove to me and the remaining Mets fans that he is the right man for the job.

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