Saturday, August 14, 2010

The K-Rod Konundrum: A Recent Reply

Similar to how they handled Ryan Church's concussion last season, the Mets find themselves in unchartered territory w/the K-Rod situation...Joel Sherman suggested that the Mets attempt to void the remainder of Rodriguez' contract, however, as he stated in his piece in Sat.'s Post, that is very difficult to accomplish.

Minaya alluded to his conversation prior to dishing out the 2-gm susp. w/the players' association on the extent of the susp., I'm sure the front office wanted to come down hard on K-Rod but not sure if the union has specific rules as to what clubs can and cannot do.

I personally felt that what occurred after the game on Wed. night w/K-Rod was embarrassing to all that were affected, the players, their families, the Mets organization as well as the fans. add to your comment, I don't think K-Rod should be gone for the whole season but perhaps a little longer than two games, maybe five would've sufficed, have him come back on either Mon. or Tues on the road in Houston...overall, just a bad scene.

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