Saturday, June 5, 2010

Minaya Is Betting That Perez Goes Quietly into the Night

For those Mets fans who thought that GM Omar Minaya had lost his pulse, well, you were surely mistaken. At the start of tonight’s game, fans were informed that veteran second baseman Luis Castillo was being placed on the disabled list with a bruised right heel and fourth outfielder Gary Matthews, Jr. was being designated for assignment. That said, Minaya’s pulse is alive and kicking!

Two fresh bodies from the minor leagues will take their place in the form of infielder Ruben Tejada and catcher Omir Santos, who amongst Mets fans has something of a cult following. Another reunion of sorts will be with left-handed starter, Jon Niese, who reinjured his hamstring several weeks ago, underwent rehab, and is now scheduled to pitch on Saturday. For the Mets to activate Niese, they will need a roster spot.

Unfortunately though for Minaya, accommodating Niese will be no easy task. Why is that? Southpaw Oliver Perez, that’s why. According to his critics, Perez has been accused of standing his ground inside the Mets bullpen like a sanitation worker requesting a standard-of-living raise. His agent, Scott Boras, has recommended that he see a sports psychologist although Mets management had previously scoffed at that idea.

Instead, the Mets seem to have strong feelings about Perez needing a committed stay inside Triple-A to help cure what is ailing him. As for Mets fans, they most likely would opt to dumping the washed-up bastard. I guess we’ll just have to wait-and-see. Until that decision is met, fans in addition to Omar will continue to see the drama unfold on the back pages of local tabloid newspapers.

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  1. Ruben Tejada gives them some more team defense and much needed energy. Matthews, unfortunately, didn't perform when given the opportunity, and had to go. Minaya put Perez on the DL. Knee Tendonitis!