Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mets Fans Ask Jason Bay, Is There Anybody Out There?

What can you say, it’s a great time to be a Mets fans. Better yet, it’s a great time to be a Mets player. Except if you’re outfielder Jason Bay. I’m aware that he has shown steady signs of coming out of it by hitting safely in 4 out of his last 6 games. However, with the month of July awfully near, Bay has just four home runs and 31 runs batted in.

With such below-average offensive production, you have to wonder if Jason Bay is really basking in the glory that has energized this current Mets ball club. It very well may be that throughout these last twenty some odd games, Bay has found himself at his locker or perched in leftfield feeling left out.

More known for his power numbers than his defensive skills, Bay has at least been able to win the hearts of Mets fans with hustle and a steady glove in leftfield. Coming off of one of the more productive seasons of his career with the Boston Red Sox in 2009 in which he hit 36 home runs, drove in 119 RBIs, and totaled 285 bases, Mets fans have reason to believe that one day those numbers will be heading their way as well.

Back in May, Mets manager Jerry Manuel used the word baffling in his attempt to explain the many starts and stops of the organization’s latest free agent acquisition when he’s at the plate.

“There are a lot of guys doing a lot of good things to help us win offensively, and I’m not one of them,” was the response given by Bay back on May 5th.

Even with 11 hits in his last 12 games, that sentiment by Bay may still ring true. It has been a little more than two weeks since his last home run. With this upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, Mets fans can only hope that Bay will find a clearer sense of belonging and start building up his sagging power numbers


  1. Well he is contributing with defense, baserunning, a good attitude, and a decent batting average. His .787 OPS is not awful. A strong second half can easily see him near his career averages. The other night he hit two balls that were HR's in any other park. and only had a double to show for it. Give him time. It will click for him soon in a big way. I hope.

  2. Hey, what do ya know! Bay hit a home run. Maybe he's finally finding his stroke.