Monday, June 21, 2010

Latest Defeat Gives Santana A Different Outlook

“I felt good…I was able to throw my fastball,” Mets pitcher Johan Santana said. “I am just trying to stay focused.”

Johan Santana gave Mets fans all the assurance they needed after the game on Sunday adding that he felt much better and that everything was there, his slider and his changeup. Unfortunately, the only thing that was missing was another “W” for their ace.

For those same Mets fans who may have felt queasy after listening to previous comments made by Santana on Friday night to SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt, sitting through his post-game wrap up on Father’s Day was indeed much more enlightening. To briefly summarize what was previously discussed, Santana stated that he still considers himself a work in progress since his off-season elbow surgery and that at times he is unable to finish some of his pitches.

With this latest defeat, Santana has lost two out of his last three starts. In his defense though, he did beat the Cleveland Indians on June 15th to pick up his fifth win of the season. However, in those three games, he struck out just five batters in all and surrendered four runs in each of the three outings raising his earned run average to 3.31.

It is no secret that Santana’s velocity has looked less than intimidating and his command has left his coaches wondering if the veteran left-hander is tipping his pitches. If there is a positive in all of this, it is that the Mets ace has averaged at least six-and-a-half innings of work throughout his fifteen starts so far this season.

In conclusion, let’s hope that Santana finds a way to work out all of his kinks and is able to dominate heading into the remainder of the season.

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  1. Johan struggled after his last surgery (2003) posting a plus 5 ERA after his first 12 starts. I think we have to be patient this year and give him the opportunity to work out his mechanical kinks. Copy this link: