Saturday, April 17, 2010

Take Me to Your Leader

I have been lobbying since the start of Spring Training for Mets fans to accept Jeff Francoeur as their team’s leader. Bold as it may sound, Francoeur is probably having one of the best offensive starts of his career. I know what you’re thinking…it took me hours and hours of Memory Power to finally be able to scribble down his name on my scorecard, Fran-coe-ur.

It’s no secret that the Atlanta-based right fielder is leading the team in four major offensive categories: batting average, home runs, runs batted in, and slugging percentage. As quirky as players come, Francoeur has also been an asset in the outfield by running down fly balls and throwing runners out at home plate.

Maligned only by the fact that he was a strong member of previous Atlanta Braves teams, Mets fans have lately requested that the free-swinging Francoeur be moved up in the lineup. Entering today’s game with a ten-game hitting streak and the possibility of right-handed-hitting Fernando Tatis in the lineup, Francoeur will most likely be batting fifth.

When asked if he was disappointed with his current manager, Francoeur said, “We’re behind Jerry [Manuel] 110 percent. Are you always going to agree with everything a manager does? No. Nobody does. At the same time, he’s our manager. He’s the guy that has fought for us, stuck up for us through a tough offseason, through this time. We’re here for him at this point to stick behind him because he’s the guy we want leading us out there.”

If that doesn’t sound like a leader, then my definition needs revising.

To see Francoeur’s career stats, click here.

Let’s Go Mets!

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