Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wright on the DL, Six-Man Rotation On-Hold, and Wilmer Flores

Listening to Terry Collins' post-game last night, he was obviously distraught. Perhaps feeling guilty that he didn't address David Wright's ailment sooner. Or maybe the real reason for his abrupt comments after the game stemmed from the fact that his 6-man rotation experiment was thwarted once again. When asked, "Who's pitching tom'row?" (meaning Saturday), Collins snapped, "Hefner."

As for Wilmer Flores, he doesn't have an exact position on defense and as one tweeter suggested, the Mets may want to keep his trade value high by leaving him down on the farm where he has excelled offensively. Right now he's a solid prospect, exposing him too soon to the majors where he could falter in a short stint may move teams to write him off as a bonafide big leaguer much quicker.

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