Sunday, February 10, 2013

Piazza's Rep Takes A Hit with Recent Admissions

In a recent post in Mets Blog entitled, Mike Piazza says he used androstenedione, but not steroids in upcoming book, I voiced my opinion on this subject in their comments section. See below. I have to admit, no pun intended, that other commenters, Mets fans perhaps, were not very pleased with my response.   

It really doesn't matter if the substance he took is or isn't a steroid or if that substance was or wasn't banned at the time...the telling point is that Piazza was looking for an edge and he was willing to find that edge through means that were frowned upon by his fellow peers, this has to come into play when judging his character, as for the HOF, if it's strictly numbers than he should go into the hall, no problem, but as we've seen from the recent HOF voting, this isn't the case

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