Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are Wright's Current Strike Outs A Concern?

Mets fans are well aware of David Wright's propensity to strike out. Back in 2010, Wright collected a career-high 161 punch outs. For the most part this season, he has been able to keep that aspect of his game in check.

On last night's podcast, I had mentioned that David Wright went 0-for-10 this past weekend with five strikeouts. Furthermore, for the month of July, Wright struck out 27 times in 25 games. Looking back on the previous months of the season, April, May, and June, the Mets third baseman accumulated just 14, 16, and 11 strike outs, respectively, in about the same number of games.

SNY's Keith Hernandez has suggested that Wright's swing involves a little more of an uppercut that what Mets fans are used to seeing. From my standpoint, I've noticed that his plate coverage has diminished. Pitchers have been able to exploit the outside of the plate causing Wright to swing and miss.

Could this be a case of the dog days of summer taking its toll on the Mets slugger or are Mets fans in for more of Wright's strike outs in the coming days?

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