Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mike Baxter Was Safe

I just watched the Mike Baxter play in the top of the ninth inning of today's 2-0 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays and without a doubt, Baxter was safe. I would love to hear what Yunel Escobar had to say about that play. It was clear as day. It's a shame because the Mets would have had runners on second and third with just one out and Daniel Murphy at the plate instead of two outs and Scott Hairston on third.

Total B.S.


  1. Well, Brian Knight should have been able to ask the first and third base umpires for help on that play. But from where he was standing, he made a reasonable call.

    Was he in the proper position on that play? I'm not sure - I've never been an umpire.

    One thing to remember - just about every wrong call is going to look like BS when you get to view it from multiple angles, multiple times and in slow-motion. The umpires get to see it once, at live speed.

  2. I agree that we are privy to multiple angles which places the umpire at a disadvantage. That's why I am such a strong supporter of more instant replay in baseball. After watching the replay, Baxter was clearly safe. Knight's call changed the whole dynamic of the game. Imagine if that was a play-in game for the Mets! Wouldn't you want to know walking away that the correct call was made?