Thursday, January 12, 2012

Santana Aims His Rehab for Opening Day

I read today in the NY Daily News that Johan Santana was back at it down in Port St. Lucie, Florida, throwing long tosses to check on his arm strength, making sure everything in his repaired left shoulder was still intact. In the piece, Santana mentioned that his goal still is to be ready for his 2012 Opening Day start. The last thing he wants now is a setback. (Keep you fingers crossed and hope that he feels no pain when he wakes up tom'row.)

If he's able to accomplish what he set out to do it would make for a great story heading into the upcoming season for the Mets. Unfortunately for Santana, he is still owed an extremely large chunk of money. Which means that even if he's able to pitch effectively and remain competitive throughout the first half of the season, Sandy Alderson will most likely see to it that he finishes the second half with another ball club other than the Mets. If this scenario holds true, it would add another low light to a franchise that had so much promise back when Santana was initially signed only to see it slip away.

It would be pretty sad if Mets fans were unable to witness his comeback and have to endure two or three years of Santana pitching for the Phillies just like Pedro.

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