Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Thoughts Are with Willie Harris and his Family

After learning of the sad news concerning Willie Harris' family, I received an email from Tati, a life-long Mets fan:

Sad what happened to Willie's baby, I really like him, too. While watching a Mets game on TV earlier this year, one of the commentators (Kevin) was talking about Willie's life growing up and what a tough role he had in his family--he had to help his mom care for his handicapped sister at a young age---that meant, taking care of her at home while mom was at work.

As a result he was unable to get to his baseball practice on time so he made an arrangement with the coaches that would allow him to arrive later and still get some training time in. His sister eventually passed away at a young age, but ever since hearing Willie's story and admiring his dedication to his craft, I've rooted for him. I'm very sorry to hear of his family's loss.

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