Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top Candidate for Minority Stake Has Cold Feet

I was very pleased to hear that the projected front runner to own a percentage of the Mets, Steve Cohen, has had second thoughts about the idea and will no longer pursue the financially sagging franchise.

This past weekend, I sat down and read up on the current allegations being brought upon SAC Capital, Cohen's multi-billion dollar hedge fund empire. This guy, let me tell you, is not my type of guy, and I feel that the Mets may have dodge a bullet by not having the opportunity to finalize a deal with him.

Think about it, having the Wilpons and Cohen both involved in a well-publicized lawsuit with fraud and inside trading being the major keywords. Throughout the season, the Mets wouldn't stand a chance. Forget about shutting down Twitter accounts, Josh Thole, you may have to close up shop for a season or two.

Like I said, the Mets may have averted disaster.

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