Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Time For Mets Fans to Start Looking into the Mirror

If you were asked to boycott Citi Field due to the departure of Jose Reyes, would you?

Perhaps last year at this time, you would have answered with a confident, "Naahh."

Nowadays, the reality of a Mets team without Reyes is more plausible than ever so if I were to ask that question again, would you boycott Citi Field if the Mets decided to part ways with the home-grown shortstop, sorry to say but I feel that Mets fans would rather endure several seasons of rebuilding than chant, "Jose, Jose, Jose," sad isn't it.

Have Mets fans become so jaded from the well-documented collapses of '07 and '08, that they would rather root for David Wright and a bunch of Triple-A castoffs than put their stock in battle-tested players such as Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran? Probably.

I say, let's see Reyes play a whole season without experiencing any setbacks before we deem him enemy #1. If the Mets are able to pull out the sweep today against the Dodgers, they will be just two games below five-hundred, not bad.

Advice to Mets fans, look into the mirror and see what you've become. If you ask me, it's pretty pathetic.

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