Monday, May 9, 2011

Helton's Been A Hall of A Guy

Todd Helton COL (1997-2011) 15 seasons, all as a Rockie

At 23, Helton played his first MLB game and then embarked on a career that has now spanned three decades. The left-handed hitting first baseman is currently 37 years old. Helton holds one batting title, in 2000, when he hit .372. In the five seasons that followed, Helton would finish 2nd (.336) - 4th (.329) - 2nd (.358) - 2nd (.347) and 4th (.320), respectively, among the best hitters in the NL during those seasons.

Career numbers - .324 BA – 336 HR – 1,254 RBI – 2,266 hits - .423 OBP - .554 SLG

Helton has never won an MVP however looking back on that 2000 season; he played in 160 games where he led the league in hits (216), doubles (59), RBI (147), SLG (.698), OPS (1.162), and total bases (405) – all career highs. Helton that year also had 42 home runs and 138 runs scored, another career best.

The durable Knoxville, Tennessee-native, earned a reputation as a batter who was tough to strike out. In 7000 career at-bats, Helton managed to strikeout 983 times. Do the math and that’s 14 percent of the time or another way to look at it, one out of every seven at-bats.

Again, referencing the 2000 season, most likely, his best year as a ball player, Helton struck out just 61 times in 580 at-bats or if you want to use plate appearances the numbers are even more startling. In 697 trips to the plate, Helton struck out nine percent of the time and heard STRIKE 3 once in every eleventh time up at the plate.

For some of Helton’s defensive statistics, check out


  1. I've always liked Helton, but considering that Larry Walker wasn't voted in this year, I'd say it will be difficult for Helton to make it.

    Consider Walker's career numbers: .313 BA - 383 HR - 1,311 RBI - 2,160 hits - .400 OBP - .565 SLG. He also stole 230 bases, won three batting titles, an MVP and seven Gold Gloves.

    Walker was a more complete player than Helton and barely got 20% of the Hall of Fame this year. Helton has to have a few more productive seasons to be a serious candidate and he hasn't had a big season since 2004.

  2. I didn't realize Walker had such solid career numbers, maybe you're right, Helton may have a tough time getting into the Hall, what he does have going for him is that he's been consistent throughout his career plus he's played for the same team, take a look at this season, he's currently batting over three-hundred, I'm not particularly lobbying for Helton to make the Hall, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was elected.