Sunday, August 8, 2010

Somethin’ Not Wright with Beltran

Manager Jerry Manuel made his intentions known on August 2nd that Carlos Beltran would be batting exclusively for him in the third spot of the Mets starting lineup from that day forward.

Since that decision was made, the veteran centerfielder has contributed very little offensively by going 3-for-22 registering seven strikeouts. Initially made to protect clean-up hitter David Wright while batting fifth, Beltran struggles have created a trickle-down effect (he is currently batting .195) when stationed within the top third of the Mets lineup.

Having Beltran in the three-hole, David Wright has gone 2-for-19 with seven strikeouts during the same 6-game span. Coincidence? I think not. Perhaps it’s time for Jerry to re-evaluate his decision.


  1. I strongly agree with your opinion on this matter. Stats have been declining ever since beltran was placed as the role player to save the mets from this downfall. He wasn't ready to be put into this pressure role after a serious injury. Time to make some changes since his decisions have led to nothing but losing series from one opponent to another.

  2. Thirty AB's is not an indication of future performance. I am going on record as saying Carlos will break out of his offensive and defensive funk in a big way!

  3. I hope you're right...but I still feel that Beltran should be batting further down in the lineup, preferably, behind Wright for protection...Wright's numbers in August are terrible

  4. Basically most of the team has been in a funk at the plate since July. Beltran really should be looking to get his legs under him pretty soon, as he should be in baseball shape at this point. I have to admit I'm concerned for 2011 if he finishes the year in the same way he's been since coming back from the DL.