Monday, July 26, 2010

Mets Should Either Shape Up Or Ship Out

Prior to the All-Star Break or Pre-Beltran, the Mets had a nice makeup…younger outfield with Frenchy, Pagan, and Bay…a nice smooth DP-tandem in Reyes and Tejada w/Wright and Davis on the corner infield spots…Thole would be getting more PT as well…strong starting pitching and a so-so bullpen back ended w/an All-Star closer in Rodriguez.

Now, the lineup is a little older w/Castillo and Beltran not to mention that both of them are coming off of long stints on the DL and if Barajas didn’t land on the DL, he would have been starting over Thole.

I don’t blame Beltran…I personally felt that the absence of Reyes after that PR series was the Mets downfall, but there is some truth to blaming Beltran, not him specifically but the veteran movement that has now superseded the youth movement that made the Mets so exciting before the break, throw in Ollie Perez and you have a big bowl of been-there-done-that with those three guys…we’ve seen what Beltran, Castillo, and Perez can give ‘ya, I say, “shape up or ship out.”

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