Friday, May 14, 2010

Mets Say, Not This Hot

After watching tonight’s game, I couldn’t help but hit the Tivo and pull up a shot of Paul LoDuca blasting Mets fans with hose water after clinching the NL East back in 2006. The core back then was Wright, Reyes, Beltran, and Delgado. The last time I checked half of that core was absent…Mejia, Davis, Niese, and Pelfrey, how things change so fast.

The Mets are currently at five hundred. As we all now Manuel’s threshold is ten games below five hundred, a subpar season, nonetheless. Omar Minaya has earned the right to stay. Once Jason Marquis went down with an elbow injury, Minaya was off-the-hook. He swapped Davis for Jacobs. He brought up Carter to replace Catalanotto. He spiked oil when he made the decision to bring in Blanco and Barajas, their two current catchers.

Johan will be Johan, Reyes can be Reyes, and Gary Matthews, Jr. can be, well, Gary Matthews, Jr. The chemistry in the clubhouse after a lost like tonight. All I can say is get well, Mama Blanco. Allow your son time to explain how he made my season last Saturday by lofting a walk-off home run right in front of me. But honestly, Henry, we need ‘ya.

Listen, I know as well as any Mets fan, they’re not going to win them all. With the combination of a walk-off wild pitch loss on Thursday night, I can’t blame those who are feeling a little down. Frenchy will be Frenchy and not Francoeur. Hey, at least we can beat the Braves.

For further Mets hijinks, check out NY Post's Leonard Green's article, '85 plot to sic thugs on Keith.

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