Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do or Die for David

Is it me, or does David Wright seem to be forming some bad habits these days? It’s no surprise to anyone that his 18 strikeouts-and-counting have guaranteed that he’s right where he left off last year. To his credit, Wright does lead the major leagues in walks with nineteen. Plus, with more protection from Jason Bay hitting behind him in the lineup, the pressures incurred by Wright in 2009 seem non-existent this time around. Nonetheless, he still looks like he is pressing at the plate.

Defensively, Wright has always been considered above average at his position. However, in just 14 games this year, his performance at third base has been up-and-down. Of late, he seems to be falling in love with his backhand. On several occasions this season, Wright has been slow to get in front of the ball, opting to take a backhand swipe at a short hop in the hole. The result, more so than not, has been to the hitters’ favor. Wright currently has two errors this season.

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